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Penfrydd's Raynor

2011 Raynor has been gelded (2010) and will live out his life enjoying pasture mates and doing what he does best - Riding and Driving (without the "Behaviors")

  In 1998 Penfrydd's Raynor attended the NFHR Evaluation in Eugene Oregon. Then two-year-old Stallion Penfrydd's Raynor (Konggard x Velsigne) came away with a red ribbon and scores indicating his future potential in movement. 

In 2001 at the Libby Evaluation, he was re-evaluated for conformation and this time for performance as well. P. Raynor who became ill with colic and a kidney stone, maintained his red ribbon standing in conformation, but had to scratch his performance tests.

In 2003, Raynor attended his third NFHR Evaluation in Days Creek Oregon. P. Raynor now a more mature 7 year old scored a blue ribbon in conformation, and completed all three introductory performance tests (riding, driving, draft) with blue ribbon awards.

In Libby Montana 2004 Raynor completed his rigorous NFHR Evaluation Program. He completed the advanced performance tests with Blue ribbon standing. We feel fortunate to stand such a highly qualified stallion at Trinity Fjords.

Raynor also earned his NFHR Versatility Award which will be documented on his pedigree. As of Dec 2005 he holds the highest combined conformation and performance score in the NFHR evaluation program and a G1 rating.

Check out his individual scores on his highlight page (follow the links above).

In 2007 we imported Bastian vom Oderhaff, a white stallion with top performance bloodlines.

Penfrydd's Raynor - CLR-1689, PF-J-814-S G1


[Sire] Konggard - H-K200, H-D-454-S, G4

[Dam] Velsigne - BJL-B-253-M, 1.premie

P. Raynor is grandson to the Dutch Elite Hengst Myrstein

Chief Inspector Bob J von Bon of the Netherlands calls Myrstein "a big strong built stud, with a slightly short neck, nice top line, very good legs and very good movement". In 1994 he became a Ster Stallion and has since been awarded "Elite" status in the Dutch stud book. Myrstein born 1976 is now deceased but leaves a legacy of imprinting his wonderful qualities in his progeny

Raynor's Performances

Riding, Driving, and Recreation


Calgary Carriage Classic at Spruce Meadows

Reinsmanship Class

Obstacle Course


Timed Cross Country Course

Ursula Receiving Reserve Champion


NFHR Evaluation at Libby Montana

Conformation - Score 82.5


Introductory English Riding - Score 80
Advanced English Riding - Score 77


Introductory Driving - Score 90.25
Advanced Driving - Score 86


Introductory Draft - Score 83.5
Advanced Draft - Score 92