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Born-- May 18th 2005.     Leopoldshagen, Germany

New owner in Texas is Kelly White  can be reached by e-mail or 1-210-393-3541



Come on boy "Time to Go'

Last grooming from Dad

Ears up for the camera...'look nice'

My oh, my what a handsome young man

Last photo under Trinity Fjords

Time to find the looking back now

"Bye everyone... "just keep eating your hay, I'll be fine'"

'Parting is such sweet sorrow' with Kelly the new owner

'Don't let the door smack into your butt, buddy"

Bastian attended his Conformation Evaluation (Keuring) in August of 2010 in Calgary, Alberta with two NFHR/CFHA judges presiding. He scored 83/100 points and earned a Canadian Red/US Blue ribbon for conformation.
They especially liked his beautiful head and scored him 9/10.

Breed Type is a very important score for Fjord horses as it evaluates Presence, Attitude and Personality: also Substance of bone and overall masculinity. He scored a very respectable 8.75/10. At age 6 now, Bastian is in his final spurt of growth and development and he will participate in Evaluation Performance tests in the future. His training is well underway with driving and draft. He will be going to Montana in preparation for his

English and Western Evaluation Riding Tests .
We feel confident for positive results and a successful future for this young man. He has what it takes to improve Fjord Breed lineage in the USA and Canada .  We are very proud of his offspring to date. Bastian certainly has been passing on his beautiful head and good Fjord Bone which is the Hallmark of the Breed.

       Bastian arrived in Canada late March of 2007 from Eike and Suzanne Schoen-Petersen’s farm (Oderhaff) in North East Germany. During a 2006 FHI BOD meeting at their farm, we took a tour and I spotted Bastian as a weanling colt and could see great potential.
He is uls dun, (a white dun) Fjord Stallion. He has a 50% chance of producing a white dun offspring from a brown dun mare. As well he carries a 25% chance of producing a grey dun offspring.
He won best Fjord foal in his State in 2005. I hope to have him CFHA or NFHR Evaluated summer of 2009.
Bastian stands 14:1 hands high with good bone and a strong sturdy frame. He is a quiet well mannered stallion presently in driving training to a wagonette.
Bastian’s first off spring  was born here at Trinity Fjords May 30th/2008 to a brown dun mare Penfrydd’s Rayetta. Trinity’s Bryne is a high quality white dun filly sold to Sally Kjorsvig in South Dakota, USA.

Bastian’s Sire—Solbjor Borken—white dun.
Borken was born in Norway in 1997. At the age of two he won the young stock shows of Sogn and Fjordane, Norway.
After being sold to Oderhaff, Germany he came 2nd in the 30 day performance test for stallions. At the Danish Jubilee in 2006 he was the highest scoring Fjord of the German dressage youth team. Borken’s offspring have been consistently winning shows and awards locally and nationally in Germany.
Borken will be leased to Denmark’s top breeder in 2009 to breed Danish and other European mares.

Bastian’s Grandsire—Saethersblakken—white dun
Saothersblakken was born in Norway receiving many awards and premiums for his conformation, performance, and offspring. After sometime in Norway, Saethersblakken moved to Sweden, and then to the USA where he resides today.